Sunday, November 7, 2010

Weekend Update with Jackson Wood

Jackson's parents have been extremely busy this weekend.  They had many people in town for the Race For the Cure.  The race went really well, and despite the early arrival of Jackson, our team was able to rally and raise around $5000 for Komen Austin. Julia was a little sad that she wasn't able to do the actual race, but was able to be at the Race to cheer on the In "Mammary" of Mom team. We look forward to next year, and hope it will be Jackson's first race!!

So the good news is that Jackson had a great weekend.  He was able to rest and grow so his parents felt comfortable spending time with all of their company.  Actually he was doing so well, that the doctors decided to try him on CPAP again.  This is the machine where they provide some oxygen, but Jackson has to do all the breathing.  So far so good.

The other big change was that Jackson was changed to "bulbous" feedings.  He is getting 18mL of food over the course of an hour, and then is not fed again for two hours.  This is supposed to transition him from continuous feeding to regular feeding.  These too are also going well; there are no residuals, and he is a pooping and peeing machine.

On another note Jackson's testicles have finally dropped and come in.  Apparently this wasn't important enough for them to bother to tell us, and the only reason we know is that we saw a diaper change.  Greg was extremely proud,.

Now on to the pictures!!

Saturday Afternoon Nap!

Jackson being coy on Saturday evening.

Sunday afternoon, just relaxing before they change my breathing machine

Jackson was so alert today. We love that he kept crossing his feet.

Resting tonight with his new breathing machine set up.

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  1. Jackson,
    We are so happy you are growing and doing well. There are lots of people in El Paso praying for you and your mom and dad. Erin Ritter (Aunt Lindsey's sister)