Sunday, November 28, 2010

Sunday - November 28th

Jackson grew some from the last time he was measured.  He is now just over 15 inches long, and his head grew another half inch.  His weight only went up 10 grams from yesterday though. 

He has decided that he needs some entertainment while in his "house".  He was fussy one night and the nurse claimed that the only thing that calmed him down, was some Barry Manilow she had on her Blackberry.  So we decided that he needs some better music, if that's what he wants.  We brought him an iPod with some little speakers that had classical music, nursery rhymes, and lullabies (with some Willie Nelson thrown in).  We'll see how he reacts to it overnight. 

Meanwhile mom and dad have finished painting the nursery. We also put together the crib and unpacked the other furniture. Once we get it all completed, we will post some pictures.

Waiting for bath time

Getting washed behind the ears.

Done with the bath and getting fussy

Mad because they won't style my hair

Thank goodness; the bath is done.

I am showing how big I am compared to a pen again.

Mommy soothing me after the bath.

Looking at mom hoping maybe she will fix my hair.

So fresh and so clean.

Some bonding time with dad, holding "hands"

Looking cute, and starting to like the hair style.

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