Saturday, November 13, 2010

Saturday Night Jackson

Today, Jackson's grandparents were in town.  They saw him for the first time in 3 weeks, and couldn't believe how much bigger he was.  Jackson is doing great.  Mom was able to kangaroo with him again today, and he really liked it.  Apparently right after that, and after we had left, Jackson burped and a bunch of junk came up with it.  As soon as they cleaned that all out his oxygen requirements dropped dramatically.  He was down to 25 for most of the afternoon, and still was when we came and saw him just recently.  21 is the oxygen level of regular air.

Father Jonathan was gracious enough to come out and give Jackson a blessing while Mom and Dad were holding him.  He also blessed a cross that we were given for his bedroom. 

As of Friday night Jackson weighed 2lb 6oz!! Tonight they will measure him so we will know if he has grown any taller.

Lastly, he is still trying to suck his fingers. His nurse says this is a good sign, because it shows that he is now starting to self sooth.
Jackson nurse took this pic, Jackson trying to suck his fingers

Another pic caught by his awesome Nurse
Taken Saturday night. he was resting comfortably.

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