Wednesday, October 20, 2010



For the most part things are going as usual.  It's been more of the same.  He had a slight increase in feedings to 2.5ml per hour.  He had to have a PICC line inserted as his last one clogged up and had to be removed.  This one is going through his leg, so he now has a hand free.  This is leading to a lot of movement and messing with all of the other lines/tubes especially his oxygen line.

He had another echo cardiogram on his heart, this time to look for "vegetation" of the bacteria that may have reached his heart and surrounding area.  It came back clean, and they re-iterated that his PDA still had not opened up again, which is apparently "amazing".

His lung scans are still about the same, and still need a lot of growing to do before he can come off the oscillator or respirator.  They are starting to ween him off of the steroids, from 4 doses a day to 3.  He is still on the antibiotics, and will be on one of them until Halloween.  This will prevent them from having to do another lumbar puncture.

We found out that next Wednesday they will do a brain scan, that will not only look for bleeding, but also brain growth and development.  This will be our first insight into what if any disabilities he will be facing from being so premature.  It will be a scan at his one month date.  Please continue to pray and hope that everything with this scan goes well.

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