Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Tuesday - October 12th

The news from NICU is that Jackson is doing well. Both his tracheal and blood are now testing negative for bacterial infection. His lungs are just so so but are showing signs of improvement. They increased his feedings to 2ml every 3 hours. Also because of that he has now pooped, officially.

In order to officially close the case on this infection they want to perform a spinal tap, just to make sure the bacteria didn't get into his spinal fluid. They will wait a couple more days before doing that.

They placed his picc line today, which is in his left arm. They also had to replace one of his IVs, and the best vein they found was in his head. It looks a little weird, but its a great vein and wont hurt his brain. It shouldn't have to be in for a long time, just until he finishes all of his antibiotics, which will be at least 10 more days.

We asked about the touch isolation and how long Jackson would be under those orders. Apparently the bacteria he had is "a nasty one" so they are trying to make sure it doesn't spread thru the whole NICU. We are officially the parents of a dirty kid (just kidding). We are actually glad because it makes all of the staff take extra precautions when handling Jackson, so hopefully the chances of this happening again will be reduced.

In parent news, Greg let Julia drive to the hospital tonight. Julia's doctor said she could drive once she felt like she could slam on the brakes. Julia is healing quite well, but still tires very easily. The hardest part is reminding her that she can't do everything all at once like before.

Tomorrow will mark 2 weeks, we can't believe how quickly it seems like time has gone by, because in other ways its seems like it has been months. Neither one of us could have made it thru without the love, support and prayers from our friends, family and strangers. Thank you all for continuing on this journey with us.

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