Thursday, October 28, 2010

Thursday - October 28th

More of the same from Mr. Jackson. He is settled on the ventilator. They said he could go back to the oscillator at some point, which is normal for a little kid like him. They increased his feeds again to 3.8 ml/hour. He is eating and pooping machine. Tomorrow they are going to start giving him more vitamins and minerals in his food. They decided to lift the touch isolation today, which means no more gloves and gowns when seeing Jackson, not just for us but the whole staff. So Julia had to take a picture on her phone to text to Greg to let him know!!

We have decided to leave the camera there for now, which was great because Jackson's favorite nurse, Jackie, was able to get some awesome pics for us.

This one is Jackson's GQ shot.

 Arghhhhh its Pirate Jackson!!!!

Most Precious Pic-- he is trying to suck his hand


  1. He's still so tiny! From your posts, he seems to be resting and growing and doing really well. Medicine is awesome! I'm praying for you guys and I can't wait to one day meet this little miracle! -Maria Kahlig

  2. Oh Jackson...I LOVE your new pics! You are growing like a little weed! You don't know it now, but there are a lot of people that pray for you every day and love you. We are all waiting til the day we can meet you in person and give you lots of hugs & kisses!
    Love you!