Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Tuesday - October 5th

We got the results from his eco-cardiogram. The medication worked but not completely. His PDA has gone from moderate to slight-moderate. Since his vitals are still very strong, he is able to do another round of medication to see if the PDA will completely close. This round of medication will be given over 3 days and they will repeat the eco-cardiogram on Friday. So we can only hope the medication keeps working, if it doesn't we will then talk to the doctors about doing surgery. Other than his PDA medication, he seems to be doing well. He was wiggling around today giving the nurse a hard time because she kept trying to get him into a position.

One question we get is just how tiny is Jackson. Below is a picture of a newborn diaper and one of Jackson's diapers.  As you can see--he is quite Tiny!! Kinda hard to believe but we love our tiny tiny boy!!


  1. That diaper is sooooo tiny! We will be keeping your family and especially little Jackson in our prayers. He is Adorable. He may be little but he sure looks like a fighter to us!

    God bless you all!
    Steve and Katie Nasche (Friends of Maria and Bryan Kahlig)

  2. I will be keeping you in my thoughts, Jackson, as well as your Mom and Dad!

    Tiny, gentle hugs,

    Komen Austin
    Web Administrator