Monday, October 11, 2010

Monday - October 11th

Quick update- Julia went to check on Jackson this morning. It looks like we finally might be turning a corner on this infection. Thank you so much for the prayers and good thoughts. They are definitely being heard and answered.

They changed his ventilator from an oscillator which has helped his lungs clear out some of the fluid build up. As the hours passed, the amount of fluid and the quality has changed and diminished. His gas levels are much better and the doctor is pleased with the progress he has made over the last 12 hours. They also removed his central line from his belly button, which was something they would have done normally in the next day or two. They went ahead with removal just incase some bacteria had attached itself to the tube. so at this point, Jackson has had all of his lines changed out. After we get confirmation the infection is gone, they will put in a picc line which is a more permanent stable line for administering fluids and treatments. For now they have an IV line run. 

The initial test on the culture swab taken on October 10th was negative, so we will wait and see if anything grows out--but if its truly a negative that will be a great sign, because it means the antibiotics are working.

As mentioned the Doctor was very pleased with the last 12 hours. Jackson was getting a chest xray when Julia was leaving, so this evening we will have more updates regarding that.

On lighthearted news, Julia was able to help change his diaper for the first time. :) 


  1. I'm praying every day for you 3! I've also asked my bible study group and playgroup moms to pray... so you've got lots of people you don't even know who are praying for you both and Jackson.
    Love you guys! - Maria

  2. Yeah Jackson! Prayers are answered! Don't forget that you are a boy. Next time Mommy or Daddy get to change your diaper you are supposed to squirt them. It's in the little boys handbook. All little boys do that to their parents (especially first time parents!)!! It's a good way to get a very excited reaction from them! :)
    Hugs & Kisses!