Monday, October 18, 2010

October 18th - It Worked It Really Worked!

The steroids are working! Today Jackson showed MAJOR improvements - they dropped his oscillator settings and his oxygen settings. His last lung xray showed improvement, his lungs are opening up and there is less collapse.

They increased his continuous feeds to 1.7ml per hour and he is still tolerating it and digesting well.

The only set back is his jaundice levels crept back up. Basically his liver still hasn't passed all of the bilirubin. Since his liver is premature and they kept messing with his feeding, they said this was pretty normal. Now that he is eating more and pooping more we can only hope he will pass the rest of the bilirubin which is usually passed thru poop. He is getting light therapy again tonight. They have already seen an improvement in his levels, so hopefully he will be off the light soon.

On Tuesday morning, Julia will post some more pics that were taking on the 17th. The nurses were changing some of his stuff around and decided to take some more pics for us...and they are pretty cute. We can't wait to share.

Julia made it through her first day of work, she was a little tired when she got home. But was quickly re-energized by all of the good news from Jackson's doctors regarding his lungs.

Lastly, Jackson got his first bath last night. He was looking squeaky clean when we saw him today. 

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  1. So glad the news continues to be good! Prayers won't stop for your little guy! Bet you didn't think you could be so excited over poop!