Monday, October 4, 2010

The first 48 hours (Thursday & Friday)

Thursday and Friday were very slow days as we were waiting for any news regarding Jackson. Greg's parents arrived on Thursday morning and Julia's Dad and Nancy arrived Thursday evening. Due to NICU restrictions, only Dad and MaryAnne were able to see Jackson. Of course they both instantly fell in love with their tiny grandson.

Even though Jackson had a rough start that morning, he was again labeled stable. Julia was still confined to her bed, but was enjoying the constant distraction of visitors. On Thursday afternoon Lisa came by to get all of the details for the In Mammary of Mom fundraiser, since she was going to take the lead--obviously Julia would not be running the show this year. Elisabeth came by to get the last of Julia's work related worries on paper and to try to convince Julia to stop thinking about her work and clients.

Tommy and Jaime were able to come into town on Thursday evening, so we would have someone to care for our dog children-- Duke and Friend.

Our doctors were still working on Julia's blood pressure, but her other vitals were improving. Since Julia was still confined to her bed, Greg was in charge of going to visit Jackson.

Friday morning, Melissa and Lisa stopped by to finalize the plans for the benefit. Luckily before all of this had happened, Melissa and Julia had come up with the plan that Melissa would fly in from California for the benefit and OU game. A couple of guys from Greg's office stopped by to check on Greg and deliver the most awesome snack basket. We had lots of vistors that day, which was a great distraction for us from watching the clock.

As we hit the 48 hour mark we were getting updates from all of our friends that they were having a good time at the benefit and they were all thinking about Jackson. Julia was finally allowed to get out of bed!! Which means Julia was allowed to visit Jackson! Even though it was very very hard to see her baby it was comforting to know he was in good hands.

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