Saturday, October 16, 2010

"Today it was a good day"

Jackson's spinal tap test is trending negative.  The results will not be definite until they allow time for a culture to grow.  The settings on his oscillator are continuing to come down including the amount of oxygen, so they are waiting a little longer to see what happens before giving him the steroids.  The continuous feedings are going really well so they have increased them to one ml every hour.  He was really calm, restful, and relaxed today which is also a good sign indicating he is saving his energy for growing, and the end of the infection wrecking his system.

On another note, Greg's parents have been in town all weekend providing us some much needed relaxation.  They have been treating us out to dinners, lunches, and some good company.  They also, surprised us with a little present of relaxation that we can use later when they might not be able to be here. 

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