Sunday, October 10, 2010

Sunday - October 10 - The Good, The Bad and the Ugly

The Good: Jackson had a head scan and there is still no evidence of fluid on the brain. which is great.

The Bad: His infection is still raging. They have changed out his breathing tube because bacteria loves plastic, and they wanted to make sure if there were any colonies attached to the tube, they removed them. They are also in the process of changing his other lines. They think the antibiotics are working, but we wont know for sure until tomorrow. The process of testing a culture takes 24 hours, because they have to give the bacteria time to grow once they take the sample. So far the samples taken over the last couple of days are still testing positive, but the Dr. seems to think we may get a negative for the sample from the 10th.

The Ugly: Jackson's lungs are really struggling. Since he does have an infection in his lungs they have labeled it pneumonia. The doctor's are working on getting his lungs to clear out again. Tonight when we were there, the Doctor walked us through the treatments he was thinking about to try and clear up his lungs. They have also called in the infectious disease specialist and placed Jackson on touch isolation, which means before we can see him we have to put on gowns and sterile gloves along with the 3 minute hand wash routine. We are also not allowed to bring anything into his area, which includes our camera. So until he gets better, we wont be able to post new pics on the blog. But will continue to post updates to his condition.  

Please continue to pray for Jackson that his lungs begin to clear out and his infection starts to respond to the antibiotics.

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  1. Hi sweet Jackson! I'm praying for good news today! Hugs & Kisses! Debbie