Monday, October 4, 2010

The Day Jackson was born

Jackson Joseph was delivered via emergency c-section on Wednesday, September 29th at 7:53pm.

On Wednesday afternoon, Julia wasnt feeling well, and had thought she had a touch of a stomach bug. She was at work and just decided to drive herself to the hospital, because she felt like she just needed to be there. Once she was checked in, the doctors realized she has eclampsia- meaning her blood pressure was very high, protein in her urine and very low blood platelets. The doctor's said the only way to cure eclampsia and to save Julia's life was to deliver the baby.

The c-section went well, and they wisked Jackson off to the NICU. He weighted 1lb 5oz and was 11 5/8 inches long. Greg was able to quick peak at Jackson once he was in the NICU, but was quickly escorted out so they could start working on Jackson.

We were told the first 72 hours would be the most critical. So we just had to wait and pray. and wait. Luckily we have some amazing friends. Elisabeth made a run up to the hospital to bring Greg a care package and Eddie brought Greg some dinner, and Lisa came by to check on Julia and Greg. Julia was out of recovery around 9pm and in her room.

We were told Jackson was very tiny, in critical but stable condition. Julia was hooked up to IVs and monitors. With her blood pressure not stable, it was a very restless night, because the staff was constantly in her room checking her vitals. After mentioning to a nurse that she hadn't seen Jackson yet, the nurse was kind enough to go and take some pictures for us and have them printed. It was comforting to see our baby.

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