Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Wednesday - Oct 27 One Very Awesome Day

can you believe it, Jackson has been here for 4 weeks!!! and today we got 2 huge treats.

Greg was able to convince the Doctors and Nurses to give us back our camera rights! Its a little modified. We had an extra digital camera, which will remain at the hospital, since it has now been sterilized. We are allowed to change out the memory cards. So we will be able to post lots of pictures.....

which leads us to treat #2. JULIA GOT TO HOLD HER BABY BOY!!!!!!!!!

Eventually Julia had to put him back in his bed. The best part was that Jackson reacted so well to being held. His breathing and heartrate didnt change. So we are hoping this will be the first of many snuggles to come. Below are just a few more pics from today.

 The one above reminds us of Home Alone. With his hands one both sides of his face! Too cute!!

 They had him pretty wrapped up so its hard to see how much bigger he is now. But don't fret, we will be posting more and more pics!  As you can see his breathing stuff is a little weird, but he is much more comfortable with this one, than the one down his throat.
 He was trying to get his fingers in his mouth. This reminded Julia of his Uncle Tommy who used to do the same thing as a child.
Just like his Uncle Tommy. and look how peaceful he looks!! Our little angel :)


  1. That IS an awesome day! So glad you got to hold him!

  2. These pics brought tears to my eyes!...but they were tears of JOY!!!!! Oh Julia, you must be in heaven. There's nothing to compare to holding your baby in your arms that first time. We are so blessed to experience God's little miracles! Thank you Greg & Julia for sharing your precious Jackson with us.
    With love,

  3. Aww, I'm all teary-eyed too. You can tell how much bigger he is! Yay Jackson!

  4. He is soooooo beautiful! I read the blog so often - and even folks in my playgroup check in on Jackson and pray for him! He is such a little fighter and such a miracle! - Maria Kahlig

  5. Julia! How exciting for you! You look sooooo much like your Mom, especially in your 2nd pic!!! You know she is looking down & giving Jackson & you strength!