Thursday, October 21, 2010

Thursday - October 21

It was a pretty quiet day in the world of Jackson, except for a small hiccup with one of his IVs. They noticed his hand was swelling, and they were worried about the vein collapsing or a clot. So they removed his IV and put some nitric paste on his hand which quickly reversed the swelling. The doctor called Julia to fill her in about all of the excitement. Thank goodness the nurses noticed it and made a quick move to remedy the situation. By the time Julia got there around 6pm, Jackson was waving his hand around like nothing happened.

Outside of that, Jackson had a good day. His settings were lowered a little more, and his oxygen levels are down a bit more. They didn't make any huge changes with his feedings, except now they are adding breast milk fortifier -  it increases the level of protein, calories, iron, calcium, phosphorus, vitamins and other nutrients. This will just boost the milk so it will be even more nutritious and help him continue to grow. 

Tomorrow they are doing a head scan to check for bleeding. He has had 3 of these and they have all been clear, so we are hoping for another good report. 

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