Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Im One Week Old!!

Today marks Jackson's one week mark. its crazy to think about the ride we have had the last seven days.  We appreciate all of the kind thoughts and prayers from our friends all over the world.

From the Doctors: Jackson was having a little problem with his oxygen saturation and breathing, so after a chest xray they decided to give him some medication, which is surfactant. Surfactant is a substance composed of lipoprotein that is secreted by the alveolar cells of the lung and serves to maintain the stability of pulmonary tissue by reducing the surface tension of fluids that coat the lung. As the doctor was explaining this to Julia, she almost passed out. It was alot to take in at once. But the good news is when we went this evening they said the medication was working well and they were pleased with the current results. Jackson will have another chest xray in the morning.

Here is a pic of Jackson tonight-- he was just chilling and looked very relaxed this evening.

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  1. Kisses sweet baby Jackson! Happy 1 week birthday! Love,