Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Tuesday - October 25th

Jackson made a decision today. He decided he no longer wanted to have his breathing tube in. Apparently he kept messing with it, loosing it and finally pulling it out. So his doctor told us, Jackson wants it out, we will take it out and see how he does. As of tonight, he was tolerating it very well. His gas numbers are still great, his oxygen is about the same. The best part is that Jackson looks so much more relaxed. He isn't fighting his tubes.

He now has a Nasal CPAP - Oxygen and positive pressure is delivered to Jackson's lungs by prongs in the nose that are attached to tubes going to a ventilator. This will help him breathe by keeping the lungs inflated.  With Jackson they will rotate between prongs and a little mask. It is so tiny!!
Another thing they are doing to help his lungs is that they started Albuterol which is a bronchodilator that relaxes muscles in the airways and increases air flow to the lungs. Most asthmatics will recognize this medication as its used to help with asthma/weak lungs.

The also added a new medication which will help Jackson's bone marrow increase his red blood cell production. They are hoping that this will help decrease the number of blood transfusions he has needed.

And last but not least, they have increase the amount of breast milk fortifier. This will add more calories to Jackson's diet.

Again thank you for your prayers -- they are working!!

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  1. Good morning sweet baby! I don't blame you for wanting that tube out. I wouldn't like it either! I'm like your Mommy....I'm ready to see some new pictures of you! You have a great day!
    Hugs & Kisses,