Monday, October 4, 2010

72 hours plus (Sunday)

Jackson is over 72 hours!!! His chance of survival has now increased.
Sunday was a rest day for Julia and Greg. We rested all day and had very few visitors, which was needed. the sleepless nights were catching up and we really needed some quiet time to gather our thoughts about everything that had happened over the last 5 days.

Jackson was given a medication to help his slight heart murmur. Apparently the murmur is caused by a PDA which is a open valve that hasn't completely closed, which is normal in pre-term babies. He was a good candidate for the medication, which is about 75% effective. He will be given 3 doses over 36 hours and then will have another eco-cardiogram to see if the PDA has corrected itself.

Below is a picture of Jackson, at 100 hours old!! He was still getting light therapy at this point, which is why he is wearing his tiny foam sunglasses.

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