Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween

Jackson had a great Halloween, even though he couldn't get candy or wear a costume, but he got his PICC line removed.  That was the last of the tubes and entries into him, other than his breathing tube.  Since he finished all of his antibiotics, there was no more need for the tube, and it was the last one left.  His oxygen levels are up and down throughout the day.

Jackson is eating well.  And digesting well.  He had a diaper today that ended up weighing over 22 grams, which is heavier than two half dollars.  He is on "full feeds" for a child of his size which is 4cc of milk and supplements every hour.  They are expecting him to start growing an ounce a day soon.  He currently weighs in at 1 lb, and 12 oz.

The parents did give candy out to trick or treat kids.  Our favorite costume was a girl dressed up as a ceiling fan.  She was wearing all black with the blades attached with overalls so they were right in the middle.  They could even spin slightly.

Hope everyone had a great Halloween.


  1. Hi Jackson! Glad that you are making progress! Take care of mom and dad for us. Lots of love and hugs from your friend Felix!

  2. Sorry I didn't get to send you a message on your very first Halloween. It was a busy day for this Mimi! It makes my day when I read about the good things happening with your progress! I have a picture of a little boy (that weighed almost the same as you when he was born) dressed as a fireman on my facebook. Tell your Mommy to look at the pics to see him. He is now 3 yrs. old and doing great. One day we will be looking at pics of your Halloween costumes! Keep up the good work!
    Hugs & Kisses,