Monday, October 25, 2010

Monday - October 25th

They increased his feedings to 3.2ml/hour. A little interesting note, they feed him in four hour increments. Before they reload the feeding line, they check how much he has left in his stomach. They do this by pulling back on the syringe that is attached to his feeding line. If there is any left it will come back up the line and into the syringe. Lately each time they check Jackson there is nothing. Which means his body is digesting and using all of the food he is getting per 4 hours. They call this his residuals. The residual measurement and the amount of poops he has a day is how they determine if they should increase his feedings.

He is doing well with the breast milk fortifier this time, which is great because now he is getting even more nutrients to help him grow.

His lungs are about the same. No big changes. We have a feeling that we just need time for his lungs to develop. Its too bad we can't just snap our fingers and he would have super healthy lungs.

We have asked the nurses if they can take a new picture tonight for us. So hopefully we will have a new pic for the blog. Julia is getting really tired of the touch isolation. She understands its whats best for Jackson and the other NICU babies, but she really wants to be able to take pics of her cutie!!


  1. Just remember that if he were in the womb, you wouldn't get to touch him. I know this is of little help, but hopefully it will ease the anxiety a bit.

  2. Hey Pat and Kathy -- touch isolation means we can't take our camera in. Because once we enter his area we have to wear gloves and gowns and touch anything we brought with us. Its more to protect the rest of the NICU from the infections Jackson just got over.