Thursday, October 14, 2010

Thursday Oct 14th

Jackson is doing well. His latest gas numbers are "beautiful", his oxygen number is a little high - but steady, his settings on the oscillator are lower. His last chest xray was better, but still hazy. To help his lungs they are going to switch from a caffeine based stimulant to a different medication that is a little stronger. This is option #2. If it doesn't work they will use a steroid medication, but we are hoping to avoid that because the side affects are more long lasting.

They have canceled Jackson's feeding for today because his stomach was full. They are going to let him digest what is in there and then slowly start the breast milk again.

We have decided that he looks better, he is looking less fragile and looks like he is putting on some muscle.

That's it for now. When we went to visit tonight, it was so nice, because the Doctor just waved at us instead of waving us down to talk. :)  


  1. Yeah Jackson! Can't wait to see more pics!

  2. Your little gift is in our prayers!! Keep faith and all will be as it is suppose to be. Remember He carries us when we cannot walk!!