Saturday, October 23, 2010


Weekend Update -

Jackson has been officially nicknamed by the nursing staff in the NICU as "Feisty Jackson".  He has been moving so much, and now pulling on his lines so much that they have had to restrain his free hand.  He actually was able to loosen his breathing tube last night.  He arm is not completely constrained down, but enough to where he can't reach the tube.

Grandpa Mike was in town and made a visit to see Jackson.  He commented on how much Jackson has changed since the last time he saw him, which was 3 weeks ago.  He has definitely gained weight and is getting close to needing a bigger diaper.  His chest X-ray looked better today than before, and they have adjusted down the settings on his oscillator.  He has also been weened off of the sedative, and is only being given it as needed.

Parents note:  we have had a nice relaxing weekend with Jackson doing so well.  Julia was able to go back to her first yoga class today and was able to do most of the poses.  Don't worry, she took it easy and didn't push herself too hard.

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